Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Exciting Career News

For the most part, I consider myself a stay-at-home mom. We homeschool; I do most of the housework, and essentially no longer work outside of the home.

However, I am still a college professor and I teach online classes for National University. My employment with NU has been one of the best teaching positions I've had. Not only do I get to teach via this newer medium, I enjoy it. I receive great support from my dean and they employ me regularly -- which is always a plus. And this month, NU gave me the opportunity to stretch my professional career -- I got to develop full course curriculum for their new online Tech Writing course! YAY!

What does this mean to people who live in the "real world"? This is like having the a new office project land in your lap - and this project will be implemented for many people within that office. To develop curriculum, the prof needs to consider learning objectives, texts, outside references, lectures, interactive activities, reading assignments, writing assignments, quizzes/tests, and even discussion forums for students to have "in class" discussions.

I had most of the materials and ideas already, as I have taught Tech writing online several times in the past. The only difference is the text and base materials were pre-selected for me, as were the learning objects, page writing requirements, and such; but the rest was under my purview. This time, everything was up to me, and this class will set the online standard for any future online tech writing options (which I hope I will also write). Plus, not only will my students follow the course structure, but so will all students who take the class, whether I teach it or not.

And that is the added bonus - for the first few classes at least, I will be the one to teach it! More guaranteed teaching assignments!

I love being a college professor and I love online teaching. I love that NU has given me the opportunity to expand my career as a professor.

I often feel that I have it all - the ability to be a mom to my kids, and the uber-career of an online professor that lets me be that mom to my kids.

May you all one day feel that you too have it all.